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Nov 13 - 19, 1927

Sun. Nov. 13.  A.A. and I to 1st M. E. Her first trip since her sickness.  Seemed to stand the walk fairly well.  She started home with Summers' to go there for dinner, so I went with Esther.  Ethel home with me at 6 to go to Christian church.  A.A. not here when we got here, but soon came with Eva to go to church with her.  Had not gone home with Summers' after all.  She had a box of candy, special delivery from Artie Dickson.  I spoke to Edna yesterday about conditions here & wanted to get an understanding of what they intend to do.  She seems to think A.A. could do about as well as she ever did, but I'd like to have them take her home with them for a few days and let them see how things are.  My time is worth something.

Mon.  Cleaned my room.  Re-potted plants.  Slept a while.  Read Sunday's News.  Went to P. O. to mail Rachel's letter and get some stamps.  Had sausage for dinner and it made me kind of sick all p.m.  Jess came while I was eating supper and spent the evening.  She has made her will – I ought to.  Ede called and is sick again, thinks her blood pressure up.

Tues. 15.  Began to make black velvet hat with gold lace on it.  Mabel and Edna came – Mabel came upstairs to talk to me about conditions and offered me $5.00 per week to be here and to the buying – what cooking A.A. will let me do and be general overseer.  Rained all evening.  They came just as dinner was about ready and just after they left Mrs. Gugler came with the quilt that Mrs. Crowell wants quilted and that Jess and I are to mark. I gave her the apron I made – yellow and blue – so we had a late dinner.  Mrs. Harriet Princeborn came with the Thank offering envelopes for my group – got my hat, put together and wore it to Jesses at six for her inspection.  We marked the quilt.  Finished about 9, hard work.

Wed.  Rained all day to Lona's all day to quilt.  Mrs. Dickie Cummings, Shook, Keffer,  Metcalf, Lona, Jess and myself – Jess and I stayed an hour after the others left 6:30 and finished it.  I brought it home to bind.  I came home at noon to see how things were going.   AA got only toast and orange for both dinner and supper.  I'll have to cook up something good tomorrow for her. 

Thurs. Snowy, snowed nearly all day.  Not cold.  Uptown to get meat and to look at bargains, but did not get any as was too late – called Anna and Esther and Mrs. Bircky, Edie, and Jess and Sarah Scott and Grace called. Deposit $20 and talked to Fuchs about the $10 drawn out of my account that I can't understand.  Bound the quilt.   Did not finish until nearly 10 o'clock.  Then wrote a birthday letter to Tressa.  AA swept the walk several times, but it's good for her to get out.

Friday, Nov. 18.  Ice and snow all over.  To P.O. with letter got 15 stamps. Went to Mrs. Wadworth's with her Thank offering envelopes.  Cooked beans for tomorrow.  Made applestew.  Ede came after dinner.  Stayed while I worked at my hat until three then went uptown and looked a lot of stores over, bought to bought $.10 worth of peanuts and some rubber beads.  Met Chloe Styert in 10 cent store.  She is sick.  Marse sent a box with a dress for Audrey, a good hat, but too small for me or Audrey or her [illegible] – two pairs of silk hose for me – used ones.  A pillow top for herself – tapestry – for me to make.  Did not get my hat done, although worked until after 10 on it.  Must finish it tomorrow, but think it will not take long.  Jess called before I went down to breakfast.  AA tried to turn the water off, but couldn't.  Mabel said we should not do it unless it was very cold, but she did it anyway, if it felt frosty, and had a lot of stuff packed around the kitchen door.  I was cross about it as it is so useless, with the felt strip on.  I wish it did not make me feel cross when she monkeys around so.

Saturday 19 Cold and icy.  Swept the downstairs and dust mopped the upstairs.  Went uptown to A&P for groceries -- home past Jesse's for bread and pumpkin pie she had made for me – finished hat.  Mrs. Burkholder here in evening.  Eva Charles to spend evening with AA.  Wrote to Josie Stevenson and to Martha.

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