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Nov. 20 - 26, 1927

Sunday, November 20 warmer am glad of it.  To 1st ME with AA.  Thank offering for WHMS gave one dollar – wore new hat – home – got dinner – slept an hour or more and felt miserable for it.  Rather a lonesome day – had nothing of interest to read – Jess called toward evening to see where I was going to church – AA and I to Christian church in evening – Ede and Hadley there [illegible] evening, till after 10 – have had no ambition all day.  Read nothing but the "News" and do not get much profit from that.  Two good sermons to think of, but my thinker no good tonight.

Monday got ready for Will Baker to paper the dining room ceiling as he had promised to do today, but as he was not here at 10 o'clock I went to Jesses to take all home her pie pan and got my Plain Dealer's and show her the dress Martha sent for Audrey & which I had on.  She brought out an old jacket suit she wants made into a dress.  If she were only as easy to suit as the other people.  I would not care, but oh! how I dread to help her, she is so particular.  I told her so and she said she wasn't, and seemed sold to think that I thot so.  She's like Ethel so afraid it will not look just right.  When I came home Will Baker was here to look things over and will come tomorrow.  Worked on Audrey's dress and she came a little after four to see about it.  When I went down with her  Mabel and Edna were here.  Win here a little while to bring records she had.  Wrote to Bess and worked on Audrey's dress.  Lots warmer.

Tuesday, November 22  Will B came about 9.  Got the ceiling on and plastered the bathroom, ready for painting.  I sewed a while on Audrey's dress, then got dinner and after dinner cleaned the dining room.  AA beat the rugs poor old lady!  Perhaps I should have helped her, but I thought she was as able as I perhaps.  She was too tired to try to help with the rest of the cleaning.  When I finished cleaning I sewed on Audrey stress until Esther came with hat stuff about 4, then got supper and wrote another sheet to Bess as I failed to get the letter mailed today.  Will put one coat of paint on the bathroom – Mrs. Gugler her came for me to mark the apron for embroidery.  Ede tried to get me to but someone took down the receiver every time before I got here.  Ate too much supper.

Wed.  Was quite sick last night with my heart until after midnight, then slept till morning, but was sick again when I got up.  Not able to go to Frances' wedding, real sick all day with heart.  Did nothing but sit around, talk on phone and get dinner for AA and me and not eat much myself.  Went up to P.O. to mail Bess' letter and wanted to take library books back was not able for the elevation.  Went to market for meat -- soup bone -- bread, oranges and sugar.  Letter from Marce in p.m.  Answered right away and sent for Dorothy to take it to
P.O. and to take the books to the library gave her my old umbrella.

Nov. 24 Thanksgiving -- Sslept pretty well and was better until after dinner then was miserable for an hour or so, and again at five o'clock, so sent for Dr. Shafer on the spur of the moment he came right over and seemed very nice.  Gave me three kinds of medicine and told me that if I got sick again to "yell" and he'd come right over. $2 for the call.  AA to girls for Thanksgiving dinner, Hazel came for her at 11:15.   She did not get it into her head that this was the day she was going until she went to Charles about 10, and they said something about it, then she came hurrying home and asked me why I had not told her it was Thursday when she was thinking it was Tuesday.  I had told her a couple of times that it was Thanksgiving.  Once when she was looking for mail and again when she wanted to go uptown to get it corset, but I never thought that she did not realize it.  Poor old lady!  Wrote to Ad and Dr. Shafer mailed it for me.

Friday got up at 830 – Jess called soon – also Lizzie – went down to breakfast & Grace called me up, then Mrs. Gugler called me down and seemed pleased that their Dr. have helped me.  Then, Sarah Scott called me up again.  Called Jess to bring me a loaf of bread – she brought it at 4:00.   Had been to Guglers she said.  Mrs. G. calls me "Tat" and told her that Aunt Lou had talked very nice to her about me.  "The Bunch" was at Sidney's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Mrs. G told me all about it this a.m.  Rena Simmons here to see AA, then George and Clarence Simmons came on their way from the Bell ringers concert at 1st M. E. I'd like to go tonight, but am trying to be sensible.  Am lots better today and want to stay that way.  Mrs. Burkholder here at 6:45 to take my concert ticket for another woman.  I'm so glad she sold it.  AA ready for bed when she came and went soon after, before seven.  Came in here a while & sat to tell me things.  After she had gone to bed, about 7:30 Florence Hughes called to know whether I would like to go to the concert on her ticket and said George would come after me, I was glad as I felt able enough, only the walk up there, Miner & Mae along concert fine.

Saturday, November 26 – got up about 9.  Slept more hours than for a long time, breakfast, about 10 dinner  about 12:30.  I slept a little while in my chair after dinner, Jess came with some books – for some thing of mine to read.  Esther came while she was here and brought me a good pair of Mary's shoes -- black suede – just about my size, needed them.   AA and got to Finefrocks opening at 6:30, everything fine.  Ede and Hadley home with us – cut his hair.  The Elmer Charles to see AA.

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