Saturday, January 29, 2011

April 21 to 23, 1727

Thursday the 21st, cool and cloudy with April showers, some sunshine. Finished win's dress and she came for supper as well as dinner. Dick came for her at 7:30. A. A. climbed up step ladder and cut limbs from Plum tree and burned them.  She's 87!  Not out all day. Cold in head. Throat still some sore. 

Friday the 22nd, letter from Anna G. Aunt A. [Anna Golladay] bad with swelling. I think she thinks I might go, but I am not able. Answered right away. Up to hr. sale at M. D. Company got clock $.69 and C&V cream $.18 each. Hadleys and Ede came while I was fixing  A. A.'s dining room rocking chair. Turned cold and snowed - A. A. packed pipes. Silly! She cut limbs off Plum tree.
Got notice from Cleveland and S. W. Electric to deposit $54 for Pavonia electric they both sick and on the way from Dr. Lavender's office. Hadley wanted his haircut. Earned 25 cents. Fixing Win's yellow lined blue cloth, in laying this sleeves and mending it. Jess came before I had supper and stayed until nine. Ate supper after that and it made me sick.

Saturday the 23rd,  Parents wedding day 66 years ago.  Good frost, six below freezing. Did not sleep much. Cleaned room.  Finished Win's dress. Uptown for eats. Snowed an hour or so in the afternoon covered roofs and trees but melted on the bare ground. Quite Marchey.

Monday, January 24, 2011

April 18th to 20th.

Monday, April 18 fine day, up early. Cleaned room up. Fixed De Remer apron over. Win to dinner.  A. A. washed in the afternoon, to library in the afternoon. Got "A World Cruise Log". To Lane's for "Dr. Pierces Golden Methodist District".

Tuesday. Washed quite a wash. Fixed clothes line. Wrote to Meta Wackter, also a postal to Ede, as was too tired to go see her. Very sore throat. Made some sweet peas. Took Win's green dress apart to trim figured goods. Win to dinner. I up to market and post office, Aunt Art had a letter from Clyde Charles. Summer weather.

Wednesday worked on Win's green dress. Not outside the door all day. Wrote to Mrs. Dean. Mabel and Edna in evening. Colder in the afternoon.  Throat some better.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easter Weekend, 1927.

Saturday the 16th cloudy and warm. Rained a little in the morning.  I to Ede's to see why she was not down to go to the church. Found she is bad again with high blood pressure, 240 I think. Higher than it ever was. So her rub doctor has not done her any good.. It is too bad! I stopped at Laura Ferree's and found her sick in bed – chill and fever yesterday. Sort of a rheumatic affection. Put up her curtains for her. A letter from De Remer saying Aunt Annie is much worse with dropsy, and that Anna is almost worn out. I wish I were well enough to go. Wrote Anna a card. Went uptown to get away and see someone, but saw no one to talk to but Mauda Oswalt, and she seemed to be in a hurry. Got some pearl beads for $.25 that had been $3.50 at Berna's "rubbish" sale. Eva Charles to spend the evening. I to Jesses a while just to go somewhere. It is 11:45 PM and the music just stopped at the Moose dance.

This Aunt Annie is Anna Palmer Golladay, and Anna is her daughter.  She was the youngest daughter of Charles and Ann Dickin Ward Palmer.

Sunday, April 17, Easter Sunday.
Slept only about four hours last night. Up late this a.m. To first Methodist Episcopal Church, to Presbyterian Church at 4:30 PM to Cantata. Went around past Jesses to see about where to go tonight. She told me that Ed, Anna and Ethel came on the hunt of me to go out to Fred's. Was very sorry not to get to go.  She went with Bernice and Mary to Ashland. Eva here when I got home after six. She and A. A. to Christian, I to first Methodist Episcopal with Jess and Boals'. Cantata, better than Presbyterian. I thought – fine day for Easter. Very Tired.

Ed & Anna are Ed & Anna Hughes Clingan.  Some of you  might remember Frend Clingan when we stayed with Grandma in the summers. (I haven't made the connection of these Clingan's to Frend Clingan, yet, if there is one.)  Anna is a daughter of Robert and Pheobe Jane Palmer Hughes.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

April 12th - 15th, 1927

Tuesday the 12th. Jess came in the morning to have me fit her blouse. Made up some float of gelatin for Win's lunch. Edy came at 11:30 to go to Monday service at First Lutheran, by Dr. Rittenhouse of Columbus. We then went downtown. I put Win's lunch on table for her. Esther here in the afternoon for her hat and gave me a dollar. Down to Wins office to tell her not to come to lunch tomorrow. Was too tired at night to go to church, but AA want alone.

Wed. -13th.  Did very little all day but go to noonday service at Lutheran in the rain AA and I. Jess and Esther sat with us. Stopped at A&P and got some provisions. Slept a little while in the afternoon, about 20 minutes.  Read a while in the afternoon and wrote to Mrs. De Remer.  Men cutting Gugler's apple trees off.  AA and I to Methodist Episcopal in the evening. Sat beside Ada. Walked home with Rennie Dickson Somers and boys.

Thurs. April 14 – to Jesses to telephone Win to see if she was to be here for lunch. Got some soil for planting seeds. Worked some at planning my dark blue tricolette that Bess sent me. AA and I to First Lutheran again at 12:05 PM to hear Dr. Rittenhouse. Did very little in the afternoon to save up for going at night to 1st M. E. AA and I went. Made some Easter flowers. White daffodils. Easter card from Artie.

Friday -- 15th – Good Friday – cloudy in the morning. Slept only about four hrs. Last day of Lenten services. AA and I went to hear Mr. Rittenhouse for the last time. "The Victorious Christ" was the subject and it was a grand sermon. Every time we write a date, it takes us back to Christ's birth. Why not some other famed man? Why was John the Baptist greater than Herod? Why did Herod fear him? Because of "Character". Esther came in the afternoon with her black satin dress that her dressmakers spoiled and charged five dollars. AA and I to last service at first M. E. Communion.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

April 9, 1927 thru April 11th, 1927

9.  Rained all night Ede hear before I was washed. 8:40 AM. Wes to come at 9. Got her dress off my hands. She gave me a dollar which squared us with the washing she did for me. Steve Ward to see AA. Finished my gray straw hat and got all done I could do to Esther's till I try it on. Went uptown to saunter around. Met Ruth Wadlington-Harper, the first time I've seen her since she came north in 1922, five years ago.

10. Sunday. AA and I to church. Esther came in p.m. then about came with Ralph's to take us for a ride. To Epworth and Kockie's. Felt lots better for the ride. To Christian church in evening. AA and Eva gone when I got home.

Monday, April 11. To 1st M. E. to first of Easter or holy week services. Beautiful day. To Jesse's to help her plan a blouse light tan crepe de chine, then uptown a little while. Win year for lunch, says Fred much better and working outdoors.  AA and I to church in the evening. Walked home with Jess and Mrs. Stanbaugh who got a divorce last week. Her name was Hughes. Made Esther a hat, dark blue straw with yellowish flower in front.

Monday, January 17, 2011

April 1st - 7th, 1927

[I seem to have missed two pages in my original draft, so here they are.  I'll continue with April 9th next time.]

Friday April 1.  Rained Hard before 6.  Ed & Ad to start for Milwaukee at about 6.  Expect to stop at Waukegan, Sat. p.m.  Was not worth much all day.  Did very little.  Wrote to Artie.  Win to dinner after 1, then to dentist - To Jesse's at 2., she not there.

Sat. 2.  Slept only between 2 &3 hrs. all night.  Up about 9. Miserable all day.  Win late. 12:40 -- Sausage & sweet potatoes, celery, banana, cookie, canned pears, post-um.  To Kroger's in a.m.  Slept a while.  Uptown in p.m. bought hot water bottle. 99 cents, dark tan silk gloves at Berna's sale. 49 cents. long ones, cut 'em off.  Also bought this book & wrote this much in it.  Edna W. here. I met her uptown.  Snowed a little and got colder.  Ethel to get neck trimmed in evening. 

Sun. 3 - To 1st M.E. in a.m. Talked to no one but Edna W.  Wrote to Mary Fisher in p.m..  Eva Charles here in p.m. and again in evening to go to Christian church with us.  Jr. orchestra there.  Slept but little last night.
Mon. 4.  Worked some on Ede's dress.  Sent hymn & letter to A. Annie.  "Beautiful Isle".  To Jesse's in a.m.  She has been to Akron since Friday.  Pinned pleated skirt for her.  Talked to Mrs. Ohl.  Thinks Florences picture fine.

Tues. 5.  Dovan. Electric man to sell to my Pavonia home.  Signed as everybody else has done.  Cost 54 + 15 + fixtures a rough estimate.  To Ede's with dress in a.m..  Sewed on it in p.m. then to Esther's for supper.  Miss Williams there also.  Esther gave me a cake that she thot spoiled with soda.  Good - To library.  Got book "An Immigrant in Japan" Home at 8:30. Rainy in a.m.  Nice in p.m.
Wed - Fine day.  Aunt A. washed then I washed.  Win late.  I very tired, Ede came before 12 to go to Berna's sale. Went at 1:30.  I got 2 union suits at 33 cts each - and 1 1/2 yd. linen for dish dryng, at 13 per yd.  Went to Win's office for a qt of milk she brot in.  Ed[e] took her dress home to stitch and I am to make the belt yet.  Then I hope it will be done.  Very tired.

Thurs. 7. Nice day but cold.  Made Ede's belt in a.m. A. A & I to missionary meeting at 1st M.E. Church in p.m..  Esther here with hat stuff and salad dressing & fhubarb.  Jess & I up town in evening to the Merchant's big style show.  Eva spent evening with A. Art.   A.A. = Aunt Art. 

Union Suit:

Caroline Hughes around 1890

Sunday, January 16, 2011

March 31, 1927

Thursday the 31st. Jimmy's birthday, two years old. Wrote to Marse. Ed brought Ad at two then went to get Ralph to fix up his machine ready for the trip home. Came back for Ad and stayed a while. Aunt Art and I to church supper. Crowd there to hear Ed's talk. Dale brought us home nearly 10, was tired out nervously, but slept pretty well.  Eva Charles here in the P.M..

Friday, April 8, Martha's 5th wedding anniversary. Slept late. Ede here with dresses before I had breakfast, about 9. Worked on mine and Esther's hats in the afternoon. To Jesse's to show her my hat and get  her approval. Talked to Anne Hyatt and Elmer Hout about the electric business at Pavonia and found that the man misrepresented things somewhat. Letter from Ad from Dubuque, Iowa. Nearly home, but in bad roads. Wrote to Mrs. Kelser, 3 sheets. Raining tonight, AA wrapped the pipes for fear of freezing. Did you ever hear? I had just taken the ugly things off today. When an Dick brought milk and butter. Win had Rudy along.

 AA is Aunt Art.
Jimmy is Jim Donaldson. 
Marse is Martha Hughes Donaldson daughter of Charles Frederick Hughes and Elizabeth Daup.  She was born 2 days after Grandma.
Aunt Art is Artie Dickson.  She owned the house at 127 N. Mulberry, where Aunt Tat was living.
Wednesday 30th Ada asked us, Jess and me, to a six o'clock dinner in honor of the Hagerman's. We felt quite honored. Frank and David came for us, and Frank and Meda brought us home.

Note:  Adaline Hughes Hagerman  was the daughter of David Hughes and Fanny Ward Palmer.  She was born 15 December 1856.  She married the Reverend Ed Hagerman 12 March 1881.  He was the minister at West Salem, Ohio, when Esther Ann Boals married Wilbert Goodsell Hughes in 1887.  
Frank is probably Francis Arthur Hughes a son of David and Fanny Ward Palmer.

Carrie Hughes, 120 N. Mulberry St. diary for 1927.

Bought this tablet April 2 for diary -- 1927. Will begin with Florence's tea party in honor of Adeline. March 29. Tuesday – Jess and I went on car and George brot us home in the Peerless sedan, Etta, Luella, Mae, and me. Those present: Aunt Lou, Ada, Esther, Emma, Etta, Luella, Lottie, Meda, Mae, Jess, and I. Tea served from tea wagon.  Everything beautiful -- Jess and I wore our patent leathers, alike for the first time. I wore my gray crepe de chine -

 To see a 1927 Peerless sedan, I've attached this link.