Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nov 6 - 12, 1927

Sunday 6 - our first winter morning.  Everything frozen.  Icicles on the kitchen all day.  From summer to winter in just a few days time.  Went to 1st ME at 10:30.  AA wanted to go, but was not able when the time came.  I got dinner, played some records, called Ethel to see how her boil was.  We did not get our News, so I went to Hadley's to get theirs.  Marie Green there.  Ede came down at 7 to go to 1st ME with me to a Brotherhood meeting.  Mansfield and Cranier talked on the church "Knocker & Booster", respectively.  Ralph sang in the choir in Milo Patterson's place, both morning and evening.  Had and echo choir.  Talk to Grace just before starting to church.

Monday – Uptown to get bread, butter, milk and meat and to mail 2 letters – AA's and mine.  Swiss steak, potatoes and tomato and lettuce salad – made apple sauce, also – put black sateen top on old net petticoat.  AA so childish and weak minded worse everyday.

Tuesday, Nov. 8 - Got up quite late – did not do much but doll up ready to go to Luella's in p.m..  Jess came at 1:20 then we went to vote – and on up to Marchant's – Etta, so pretty – Mildred, Fanny Balliet, Anna, Jess and I there.  When Sherman came home he and Lou went to vote.  AA had her supper when I got home at 15 to 5.  I had mine at six got some candy, peanut blossoms, kisses and ate too many.  Letter from MarseAnswered it.  Grace called.

Wed.  Went uptown to library – to pay telephone – to Ethel's office -  to Kroger's - to Jesse's and home at 11:45.  Got dinner for AA and myself.  Had a zigzag headache and slept a while in my chair, then Ede came to get her coat fixed.  Then Jess came to get hers shortened – Edy read Lois',  Marses' and Ad's letters.  Anna called – also Grace to tell me Sidney won in election.  Am glad Brunner did not Win.  Letter from Ad . – Ed is coming in two weeks to marry Frances – Wrote to Miss Hiestand, Mabel & Edna came with hose – petticoat and dust mop for AA's birthday.

Thurs. - Washed – Jess came for me to shorten her dress to fit the shortened coat.  AA began to wash while we were upstairs.  She hung her own clothes up and ironed them in the afternoon.  Clothes did not dry, so had to dry heavy things in-house.  I made and old apron over into a coverall.  Uptown to get cake, porkchops, lettuce for AAs birthday dinner.  All day sewing at Ada's for division E.  Would like to have gone.  Warm day and warmer tonight.  Sarah Scott called.

Friday, Nov. 11,  Armistice parade, but did not go uptown.  I ironed and got birthday dinner for AA.  Tacked weather strips on both outside doors and shaved the door strip off, so the back door would shut.  AA lost the $10 Clyde sent her and I had a great time finding it. She wrote to Clyde to it knowledge it and could not find the address. I found it at last, and addressed the envelope, which she had addressed to Mr. Clyde Clyde - took it to the post office, then went to Jesse's for the Plain Dealer's - stayed a while.  Eva here till 9:30 - I took her home.  Audrey called.  Gugler working on this side their house while I swept the porch and talked and never looked up to speak -  Simpleton – Warm - nice day - window open and no fire.  Dale here with oranges for AA.

 Sat. -  Eva Johnson came before I had Breakfast, so I had none.  She wanted a dress made smaller and shorter.  I want uptown with her to get some apples she left in her basket at the Park grocery intending to bring them to me.  AA put on some beans to cooked and I did not know it, so of course they burned and burned until the house was blue with smoke.  If she could only not do things like that.  The beans gone, the stew pan spoiled, the house stinking of smoke, my time in cleaning things up, the wasted gas, as we had to open up everything, then reheat.  She peel the apples Jess gave me, and I canned two cans.  Sarah and Edna here.  I uptown after dark to get bread and meat.  Wrote to Rachel – talk to Lizzie, Esther, and Rosa also Ede – Franklin women had a bake sale at 3rd St. Market.

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