Friday, May 27, 2011

Sun. Dec. 4. Thru Sat. 11, 1927

Sun. 4  .  To 1st ME at 10:30.  Cold.  AA worried me so about the dinner, but she will be in the kitchen all the time I am there and runs around all the time I cook.  To Jesses for an hour or so in p.m. and to church with AA and Eva at Christian church in evening.  Florence Ohl and her hubby there.  Not feeling a bit good about my heart. 

Monday 5, warmer.  A little.  Uptown to mail letter and got can of Herno.  Did not have pocketbook along when I went to pay for it, so had to come home for it.  Made swiss steak for dinner.  A.A. bound to help all the time.  I made 4 quilt blocks for Pavonia comforter, and took them to Jesses for Emma to take home with her.  Had a nice little visit with Emma and the little ones.  A.A. up to market while  I was gone and got some hominy when I had just made a lot of mush, and some bacon when we had some then lost her pocketbook and went back to hunt it, but did not find it.  Poor old body she is not fit to do such things.  I do not know how much money she lost.  Neither does she.  After supper about 7:00 Lizzie came as Win came to Wigle's to get her hair curled.  Dick brought them down and was to come for them, but had come at nine o'clock, so thay started.  Sick with my heart again -- miserable.

Tues -- sick with heart when I wakened at 5.  Slept no more.  A.A. came in nearly 10, but did not stay. I got up with an effort & tried to get Esther, Anna, Ede, and Jess.  Got Jess and told her to try Esther, then I tried again all round and got Anna and told I'd have to go somewhere where I could lie still for a few days and rest my heart.  She and Esther conferred together, then Ed and Anna came at 1:30 and brought me to Esther's where I went to bed, I called Dr. Shafer about 11, but he did not come until after 12:30.  Jess came about 2 for a minute.

Wed. Dec.7  Slept pretty well, with my nerve medicine and slept a couple of hours in p.m. while Esther was at general aid -- Ethel out to dedication of Weller junior high with Ed and Anna this evening.  I feel better this evening than I did this a.m.  Rained nearly all day.  Colder tonight.  Cannot write well in bed, in bed all day.

Thursday got up before noon.  Feel pretty sick and weak, lay on couch all day.

Friday, Sat., Sun.  About the same old thing, but improving some.  Ed, Anna and Ralph out on the YMCA drive all week.  Ralph year for supper, but at YMCA for dinner every day.  We sat up until 10:30.  Listening to radio.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading old diaries. As a middle-aged woman, I find it interesting to read what another middle-aged woman wrote 84 years ago.

Becky said...

Thank you for your comment. I hope to start 1928 later this fall.