Saturday, February 5, 2011

April 26 - April 30, 1927

Tuesday the 26th up at 8. Did not sleep well. Rained toward morning. Covered stool with old upholstery goods off Lizzie's "Smitty" chair.  Made, or finished A. A's hat, quite a job, looks lots better. Made over black sateen slip. Strung amethyst beads that Marse sent for Xmas and that were broken coming. Nice day. Win said Fred lots worse. Suffers so much pain. He does too much hard work. Split and carried in big chunks of wood Sunday, too much.

Wednesday rained hard about 7.  Showery.  I began Anna G's dress. Went to Manda Oswalt's after supper she has a nice apartment with nice renters. A.A. did not like it that I did not get home till 8:35, too bad!

Thursday, April 28 up late.  Uptown to make out tax list and to get trimming for Anna G's brown satin dress. Met Esther, who went with me around town.  Ede here when I came back at 11:30. She stayed until 2. Worked on Anna's dress. To Jesses after supper but she was away. Dorvan – electric man here.

Friday, up late. Made rheubarb [sic] pie. Paraffined [sic] paper flowers. Uptown after dinner to pay $54 for electric at Pavonia. At Jesses on way home, for an hour. Worked at Anna's dress, and the day was gone. Rained all forenoon.

Saturday the 30th fine day. Blue ribbon children's parade at two o'clock. Dorothy came about 11:30 for haircut, but gave it after Win's dinner. Dorothy, A.A. and I up to see parade at 2:30.  A.A.'s niece here in a.m.  Came from Findlay for parade. Husband Dr. Meister in health work. Lizzie left butter at Win's office, so we went after it. Mabel Ward called on me. Both at A.A. this a.m.

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