Saturday, February 26, 2011

May 29 - June 4, 1927

Sunday, May 29. Fred's birthday. Rainy – did not arise till after 9:30. At home all day. Called Ed. They starting to Zanesville. Called Esther. She had a headache – AA and I to Memorial service at 1st M.E. Home after 10, long program.

Monday -- 30.  Rainy.  To Fred's on 10 o'clock bus. Ed Robinson there to sell place. Took F to town to see a property then came home and sold the place for $7625 and the strawberry crop. Dr. Smith out in p.m. Win and Dick to Lake. Came home with Dr. Smith, because I had to heavy a basket to carry from bus line. To Charles'  a while, with Eva on porch. Jess over to spend evening. Lights off because of burnt out fuse. Man came to fix it when I telephoned. Quite a blaze.

May 31 Tuesday. Fine day -- cleaned my windows, swept the walls, took all pictures down, cleaned and hung them again. Cleaned all the bedding and blankets, on the line outdoors.  Went to library with book that was due. Came home past my garden and hoed up in good shape.  Ede and Esther called. I called Edna to tell her of Fred's farm sale. Ede and Hadley to Columbus with Cutlips Sunday and out to Iva's Monday. 

Wednesday, June 1 Sidney's birthday.  Fine day.  Cleaned room, all but putting up curtains very tired Audrey called Fredrickstown W.H.M.S. convention.

Thursday. 2. Fine day.  Uptown to get fringe and double curtain rods for my new valances.  Finished one and found I must line them.  Win brought dresses to be fixed.  Ede here for an hour or two after dinner.  AA and I to Missionary.  Met Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. Galbraith.  Felt so lonely that would not stay for supper.  AA stayed, but was home when I got here, having changed her mind.  I window shopped then went to market, then to see my garden, then in to Jesse's.  Lou and Sherman [Marchant] moved there today and stored their goods until they can get the apartment they have rented.  Grace called.

Friday, June 3. Fine day.  Fixed address for Win.  She came down for supper and Dick was to meet her here and take her home, but didn't come, so she had to stay all night with me, I'd have such a fellow.  He uses her, too mean for anything.  Ethel came to get her neck trim before going to the missionary meeting but was in a hurry.  Talk to Grace about Fred's buying her place.  Sent checks to Nally Geoff for the W.H.M.S.dues , $1.20 and to Mrs. Glenn Hout for "W. H. Missions"50 cents..  Went to Pavonia with Ed in A.M.  Telephoned to Lizzie long distance to tell her Win would not be home.

Saturday, June 4 up early to get Win off to work.  Poured rain early, at 4, and again, about 9 or 10.  Ede called to say Frend Clingan's little two & a half-year-old girl was killed yesterday falling off the tractor.  Terrible!  Finished new valances & tiebacks for blue silk for windows .  Wrote to Artie and Hattie.  Mabel Ward here at noon.  Room looks decent.  Painted house number 126 and the mailbox after supper.  Guyler's got their porch fixed up for summer.  Wish I had enough of it that they do not see, to hold a chair.  Called Aunt Lou to tell her of Mrs. Lewis's visit.  She seemed to think I had as much as Grace to live on, or at least was feeling sorry for Grace that she had it more, when I think she has enough for a good home and a living besides a vocation that will bring her a good living right along.  So I had the blues worst that ever.  I was so lonely.  I nearly went up.

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