Monday, January 24, 2011

April 18th to 20th.

Monday, April 18 fine day, up early. Cleaned room up. Fixed De Remer apron over. Win to dinner.  A. A. washed in the afternoon, to library in the afternoon. Got "A World Cruise Log". To Lane's for "Dr. Pierces Golden Methodist District".

Tuesday. Washed quite a wash. Fixed clothes line. Wrote to Meta Wackter, also a postal to Ede, as was too tired to go see her. Very sore throat. Made some sweet peas. Took Win's green dress apart to trim figured goods. Win to dinner. I up to market and post office, Aunt Art had a letter from Clyde Charles. Summer weather.

Wednesday worked on Win's green dress. Not outside the door all day. Wrote to Mrs. Dean. Mabel and Edna in evening. Colder in the afternoon.  Throat some better.

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