Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easter Weekend, 1927.

Saturday the 16th cloudy and warm. Rained a little in the morning.  I to Ede's to see why she was not down to go to the church. Found she is bad again with high blood pressure, 240 I think. Higher than it ever was. So her rub doctor has not done her any good.. It is too bad! I stopped at Laura Ferree's and found her sick in bed – chill and fever yesterday. Sort of a rheumatic affection. Put up her curtains for her. A letter from De Remer saying Aunt Annie is much worse with dropsy, and that Anna is almost worn out. I wish I were well enough to go. Wrote Anna a card. Went uptown to get away and see someone, but saw no one to talk to but Mauda Oswalt, and she seemed to be in a hurry. Got some pearl beads for $.25 that had been $3.50 at Berna's "rubbish" sale. Eva Charles to spend the evening. I to Jesses a while just to go somewhere. It is 11:45 PM and the music just stopped at the Moose dance.

This Aunt Annie is Anna Palmer Golladay, and Anna is her daughter.  She was the youngest daughter of Charles and Ann Dickin Ward Palmer.

Sunday, April 17, Easter Sunday.
Slept only about four hours last night. Up late this a.m. To first Methodist Episcopal Church, to Presbyterian Church at 4:30 PM to Cantata. Went around past Jesses to see about where to go tonight. She told me that Ed, Anna and Ethel came on the hunt of me to go out to Fred's. Was very sorry not to get to go.  She went with Bernice and Mary to Ashland. Eva here when I got home after six. She and A. A. to Christian, I to first Methodist Episcopal with Jess and Boals'. Cantata, better than Presbyterian. I thought – fine day for Easter. Very Tired.

Ed & Anna are Ed & Anna Hughes Clingan.  Some of you  might remember Frend Clingan when we stayed with Grandma in the summers. (I haven't made the connection of these Clingan's to Frend Clingan, yet, if there is one.)  Anna is a daughter of Robert and Pheobe Jane Palmer Hughes.


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