Saturday, January 29, 2011

April 21 to 23, 1727

Thursday the 21st, cool and cloudy with April showers, some sunshine. Finished win's dress and she came for supper as well as dinner. Dick came for her at 7:30. A. A. climbed up step ladder and cut limbs from Plum tree and burned them.  She's 87!  Not out all day. Cold in head. Throat still some sore. 

Friday the 22nd, letter from Anna G. Aunt A. [Anna Golladay] bad with swelling. I think she thinks I might go, but I am not able. Answered right away. Up to hr. sale at M. D. Company got clock $.69 and C&V cream $.18 each. Hadleys and Ede came while I was fixing  A. A.'s dining room rocking chair. Turned cold and snowed - A. A. packed pipes. Silly! She cut limbs off Plum tree.
Got notice from Cleveland and S. W. Electric to deposit $54 for Pavonia electric they both sick and on the way from Dr. Lavender's office. Hadley wanted his haircut. Earned 25 cents. Fixing Win's yellow lined blue cloth, in laying this sleeves and mending it. Jess came before I had supper and stayed until nine. Ate supper after that and it made me sick.

Saturday the 23rd,  Parents wedding day 66 years ago.  Good frost, six below freezing. Did not sleep much. Cleaned room.  Finished Win's dress. Uptown for eats. Snowed an hour or so in the afternoon covered roofs and trees but melted on the bare ground. Quite Marchey.

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