Sunday, January 16, 2011

Carrie Hughes, 120 N. Mulberry St. diary for 1927.

Bought this tablet April 2 for diary -- 1927. Will begin with Florence's tea party in honor of Adeline. March 29. Tuesday – Jess and I went on car and George brot us home in the Peerless sedan, Etta, Luella, Mae, and me. Those present: Aunt Lou, Ada, Esther, Emma, Etta, Luella, Lottie, Meda, Mae, Jess, and I. Tea served from tea wagon.  Everything beautiful -- Jess and I wore our patent leathers, alike for the first time. I wore my gray crepe de chine -

 To see a 1927 Peerless sedan, I've attached this link. 

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