Tuesday, January 18, 2011

April 9, 1927 thru April 11th, 1927

9.  Rained all night Ede hear before I was washed. 8:40 AM. Wes to come at 9. Got her dress off my hands. She gave me a dollar which squared us with the washing she did for me. Steve Ward to see AA. Finished my gray straw hat and got all done I could do to Esther's till I try it on. Went uptown to saunter around. Met Ruth Wadlington-Harper, the first time I've seen her since she came north in 1922, five years ago.

10. Sunday. AA and I to church. Esther came in p.m. then about came with Ralph's to take us for a ride. To Epworth and Kockie's. Felt lots better for the ride. To Christian church in evening. AA and Eva gone when I got home.

Monday, April 11. To 1st M. E. to first of Easter or holy week services. Beautiful day. To Jesse's to help her plan a blouse light tan crepe de chine, then uptown a little while. Win year for lunch, says Fred much better and working outdoors.  AA and I to church in the evening. Walked home with Jess and Mrs. Stanbaugh who got a divorce last week. Her name was Hughes. Made Esther a hat, dark blue straw with yellowish flower in front.

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