Thursday, January 20, 2011

April 12th - 15th, 1927

Tuesday the 12th. Jess came in the morning to have me fit her blouse. Made up some float of gelatin for Win's lunch. Edy came at 11:30 to go to Monday service at First Lutheran, by Dr. Rittenhouse of Columbus. We then went downtown. I put Win's lunch on table for her. Esther here in the afternoon for her hat and gave me a dollar. Down to Wins office to tell her not to come to lunch tomorrow. Was too tired at night to go to church, but AA want alone.

Wed. -13th.  Did very little all day but go to noonday service at Lutheran in the rain AA and I. Jess and Esther sat with us. Stopped at A&P and got some provisions. Slept a little while in the afternoon, about 20 minutes.  Read a while in the afternoon and wrote to Mrs. De Remer.  Men cutting Gugler's apple trees off.  AA and I to Methodist Episcopal in the evening. Sat beside Ada. Walked home with Rennie Dickson Somers and boys.

Thurs. April 14 – to Jesses to telephone Win to see if she was to be here for lunch. Got some soil for planting seeds. Worked some at planning my dark blue tricolette that Bess sent me. AA and I to First Lutheran again at 12:05 PM to hear Dr. Rittenhouse. Did very little in the afternoon to save up for going at night to 1st M. E. AA and I went. Made some Easter flowers. White daffodils. Easter card from Artie.

Friday -- 15th – Good Friday – cloudy in the morning. Slept only about four hrs. Last day of Lenten services. AA and I went to hear Mr. Rittenhouse for the last time. "The Victorious Christ" was the subject and it was a grand sermon. Every time we write a date, it takes us back to Christ's birth. Why not some other famed man? Why was John the Baptist greater than Herod? Why did Herod fear him? Because of "Character". Esther came in the afternoon with her black satin dress that her dressmakers spoiled and charged five dollars. AA and I to last service at first M. E. Communion.

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