Sunday, January 16, 2011

March 31, 1927

Thursday the 31st. Jimmy's birthday, two years old. Wrote to Marse. Ed brought Ad at two then went to get Ralph to fix up his machine ready for the trip home. Came back for Ad and stayed a while. Aunt Art and I to church supper. Crowd there to hear Ed's talk. Dale brought us home nearly 10, was tired out nervously, but slept pretty well.  Eva Charles here in the P.M..

Friday, April 8, Martha's 5th wedding anniversary. Slept late. Ede here with dresses before I had breakfast, about 9. Worked on mine and Esther's hats in the afternoon. To Jesse's to show her my hat and get  her approval. Talked to Anne Hyatt and Elmer Hout about the electric business at Pavonia and found that the man misrepresented things somewhat. Letter from Ad from Dubuque, Iowa. Nearly home, but in bad roads. Wrote to Mrs. Kelser, 3 sheets. Raining tonight, AA wrapped the pipes for fear of freezing. Did you ever hear? I had just taken the ugly things off today. When an Dick brought milk and butter. Win had Rudy along.

 AA is Aunt Art.
Jimmy is Jim Donaldson. 
Marse is Martha Hughes Donaldson daughter of Charles Frederick Hughes and Elizabeth Daup.  She was born 2 days after Grandma.
Aunt Art is Artie Dickson.  She owned the house at 127 N. Mulberry, where Aunt Tat was living.

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