Friday, March 4, 2011

June 5 - June 11, 1927.

Sunday, June 5 cold, rainy in the early morning.  Got awake early and with such a dazed feeling that I was frightened.  Could not remember anything.  So was afraid to go to church or stay alone so went to Esther's about 10.  Was there until nearly 9 PM. Ethel came part of the way home with me.  Ethel is good and so unselfish.  AA to church, then home with Mabel and Edna.  Dale took them out to Sam's.  He is in bad shape.  Charlie sent a man, wife and child to live with them.  Ed called to know if I wanted to go to Frend's little girl's funeral this afternoon, but I did not feel well enough. 

Monday, June 6, fine day, cool.  Did not do much but read Sunday's Journal in the a.m.  Uptown in p.m. to Carlisle's furniture auction.  Stayed 2 hours.  Shopped some.  Got voile for blue flowered stuff and gray gingham for yellow plaid blouse.  All cost $1.16.  To Win's office.  Edy called when I got home to know if I'd be at home as Hadley wanted his haircut.  I went to Jesse's a while after supper.  Lou and Sherm there to stay to lay can get their flat.  Aunt Art had quite a fire, it burned her night dress, and filled the house with smoke and burnt the kitchen ceiling and her cabinet.  She is not safe alone, poor old soul!  Edy and Hadley came after 7.  E stayed till 9.

Tuesday 7. Fine day, cold. Washed big wash for me.  Library in p.m..  Edy here in p.m. on way home.  Talked to Edna Ward about AA's, fire.  Said it would draw insurance. A man came to estimate damage.

Wednesday, June 8, fine day but cool.  Washed my hair, then ironed.  Lou Marchant called to get me to wash her hair tomorrow.  Man came to finish up the electric light that went out.  The third time they have been here and it happened a week ago Monday – Another man to see about sandpapering the kitchen then painting it tomorrow.  Anna called to tell about Mans, going to Mt. Lakes, N J.  Jr is there and has been for over a week.  Mary came with sheet for me to embroider and crochet.  To Hadleys's after supper to send with Edy for some gauge union suits.  A minute at C. O. Ferree's.  Had asthma when I got home.  Mabel called just as I got here and wants a dress fixed.

Thursday the ninth fine day warmer.  Made lemon pie took things out of kitchen so man could paint but he didn't,.  Went to jesses at 932 wash, Luella's hair.  She gave me $.50 or.  I felt like a fool taking it, but guess I should not feel so.  Went with Edy to Engwiller's to get her glasses and made a date for tomorrow morning for myself.  We then went to Carlisle's furniture sale.  Came home at five and made my yellow plaid and gray gingham dress.  Am wearing it tonight.  Aunt Art sneered at it and went over her old sarcastic remarks about people needing glasses.  She says if people never began to wear them, they would never have to do it.  I was provoked at her this afternoon and I guess she knew it.  New paragraph.

 Friday, June 10, fine day quite warm sprinkled a little in the afternoon.  Edna Ward came with woman to clean.  They did a big day's work.  Aunt Art's living room, bedroom, hall, cupboard closet, and dining room.  Man came and painted first coat in kitchen.  Finished Wins [Winifred Hughes] green dress shortening sleeves.  Went to Mrs. Engwiller to have eyes fitted for glasses.  Am afraid will not like what she persuaded me to get.  Just like Edy's and she does not like hers.  Told me after I hadordered mine.  Win brought eggs and strawberries – such nice ones.  Mabel came for supper, between practices at church for the wedding of Miss Charles in the church tomorrow at 4.  To Jesses for some roses and got the first mess of our lettuce.  A letter from Anna G. [Golladay] saying aunt Annie [Palmer Golladay] lots worse.  Right arm measures 14 inches below elbow and nine at body swelled tight to her arms.  Too bad!  Feel that I should go, but Lizzie needs me almost as badly as Anna does.  Poor Anna, and poor Aunt Annie!  Called Grace Anna and Esther to tell about Aunt Annie.  Answered Annie's  letter.

Saturday June 11.  Fine day. Warm.  Got things out of kitchen for man to paint it, but he didn't come.  Nuisance – shortened Mabel's dress to wear at the wedding.  Washed my good dishes and put them back in pantry shelves.  Mabel came to dress and have her hair . Ede came to go to church with me.  Went to Miss Engmiller's for my glasses, and wore them home, but they feel funny.  Hurt the tender place on my nose.  Edy here till about 6.  Took me to Isley's & got me an ice cream cone.  Met Miley's girls and did not know them.  Thot they were Net Pittenger's girls.  Mabel came and stayed till Herman came for her.  Then I went to Charles' to sit on porch.  AA was already there.  Dr. Keller's wife was there.  Stayed till 9:15.  Took ad. journal for Win's horse.

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