Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aug 21- 27, 1927

Sunday – Ed came and took us to the great Methodist rally at the Coliseum.  We took our lunch and ate in Jim Neals auto, by chance.  Had good meetings both morning and afternoon.  Took us a ride in the evening around town.  Was so sorry I did not ask Ed to take A. A. too.  Poor old lady sat here alone all day.

Monday -- Win here for dinner.  A.  G.  and I to Pavonia in bus at three o'clock – started to walk to Pavonia from Windsor and met Dick with his oil truck at the Osbun Road and rode over with him.  At Tressa's a while.  I forgot to take my key and had to take off the lock, after trying numerous keys.  We cleared up the bed and things in general in my room out there, and stayed in it and boarded ourselves for two days.

Tuesday Mrs. Hout gave us milk and boiled eggs and Mrs. Edmonds gave Anna coffee in the morning.  We started to do some calling in the afternoon and met Lettie and Mildred starting to Dell's, so went along.  Tuesday, August 23 spent the afternoon at Della's and the evening in our rural waiting for George Boals to come and take the china closet.  Down and out, but he forgot to come, so I was worried for fear we'd not get it after all, but he came Wednesday morning with Leo and C. Eberts and got it out over the kitchen roof.  We intended to go to Horn's and the parsonage, and were cut out of it – both days, as Mrs. Edmonds said at noon that she was coming to town and we could go along, so we hurried our dinner and came home about two o'clock both of us were tired.  Ralph and Edna brought graces phonograph after A. A. went to bed.

Thursday we went to Anna's for dinner and supper and to Graces in the evening.  Got home at 9:30 and were locked out.  A. A. was awfully peeved that we stayed out "so late"and she had to get out of bed to let us in.  Mrs. McClure had given me a calling down in the early morning for picking up some apples and I felt pretty much called down all around, so slept poorly.  Grace said I might move into her parlor, which she has emptied, but am afraid she will sell the place, and I would be out.  Would like it very much in many ways and not much some other ways.  When I move I want more room if I can get it.  Ed brought Newton, Charles for supper and took him to Fannies after supper after taking us to Graces.  Mary Ann at Anna's for the week.

Friday, August 26.  A.G.  and I to Esther's for dinner and to Etta's for supper.  Artie came about 4:30 from Westerville.  Aunt Lou also there for supper.  She is failing very fast, both in mind and body.  It is pitiful to see a strong woman fail that way.  We had to hurry home after supper for fear of another calling down.  Mary Boals came from Lima to Esther's.  Mary going to have her and me to the wedding.  To Jesse's for some apples.  Marse came back from Monroe Falls.

Saturday, August 27 A. G.  did some washing and got ready to go to Frank's at noon.  He came for her on way from office at 12:00.  Win had not time to come to dinner, so I ate alone.  I ironed what Anna washed last week and some of what she washed for herself this a.m.  Cleaned all the upstairs with vacuum cleaner.  Went up to market at A&P and Bailey's.  Meda called early to ask me to go along, but I just couldn't, as I was too tired and had too much to do.  Played over all the records on phonograph.  A.A. in till 9:30 or after to listen and talk.  She went up and got ice cream for both of us for supper.  It is now 11:30 and I have written all this since a week ago last night, so 'spose I've left out some things of importance.  I took notice of Marse's coming to both papers.  Verna called at porch a while.


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