Friday, March 11, 2011

July 17 - 19

Sunday, July 17.  George Hughses birthday, 58.  Rainy looking.  A. A. and I to church.  Dr. Anderson preached.  Did Jesse's work and swept off her front porch and chatted a little with Dad MacAfee before church time. Read in Jesse's "ships that pass in the night".  Ed and Anna came about 4:30 and took A.A. and me to Pavonia.  My piano is in awful shape and Leo's will buy it.  Got home at 7:20 and went to the Christian church to Rev. Binghearts ordination.  When we got home found the telegram [telling of her mother's death] from Anna G in the door, Ethel had gotten it and could not get me over the phone so she and Mary brought it.  I am to go stay at Lisbon if convenient, and I s'pose it will be.  Vince Hughes at McElhaney's.  Jess home at about 5 P.M.

Monday, July 18 - Worked on Win's dress to have it done before I go to Lisbon.  She came to dinner to eat up the scraps.  Packed my suitcase for a couple weeks day at Lisbon.

Tuesday the 19th Ed, Anna, Fred, Lizzie and I started to Lisbon at 7.  Nice drive.  Rained a little, but only a sprinkle.  Got there at 10:45 AM.  Dinner at 12.  Frank and Meda got here, about 1.  Funeral at 2 a good sermon by Rev. Harvoli, Reformed minister, singing by Mrs. Marquis and Mrs. Cable.  Everything was very nice.  Very tired after I came home – Mansfielders went straight from the cemetery home.  Neighbors all very kind.  Ruby Peters and Jetta McDevit, Perl Stuckman stayed until supper was over.  Mrs. DeRemer over often.

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