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August 28- Sept. 3, 1927; Mary's wedding day

Tuesday, August 30.    Have not written since Saturday so will begin with:

Sunday the 28th our reunion at N. Park.  I started at 12:00 and just missed the fourth streetcar so waited 15 min. and looped the loop to S. Park, thinking the reunion would be there and found my error.  Took the car after missing one when almost to it and looped the loop again to North Park.  Edna, Ethel and Artie passed me at the Coliseum and had been down after me, and Francis and Mary were also out on the hunt of me.  Too bad!  50 there and had a scrumptious dinner, but no supper, good luck!  Ed and Anna brought me home and we went on out to the flying field and saw the plane light or land twice and twice take its flight with two passengers.  Came home about 7 and A. A. was still away, so I came in and ate some then John and Sadie Dixon came and stayed about an hour.  Then Frank brot Anna G at 8:30.  Still, A. A. away till 9:30 when Dick brought her home.  We should have locked her out as she did us when we stayed no later, but I sat down there and waited for her.  Journal suspended publication.  Sorry.

Monday the 29th got up late, Win to dinner, then A. G. and I went to Hadley's with a little cake and some ice cream for Ede's birthday dinner.  She also got cards from us.  Jess, Esther's three and a lot more.  She was asleep when we went, but awakened.  We then went to Aunt Lou's to stay for supper.  Had a very nice visit and supper.  Artie came over from Well's to spend evening.  Mat Ward has been there three weeks.  Aunt Lou not her former self.  Sidney's had company, Rev. Brown, W.  B.  Martin, Mansfield's, Rudd's for waffle supper.  Mrs. Rudd and Mrs. Mansfield in after supper.  Louise and Mary Rudd brought us home at 9:30 PM.

Tuesday the 30th, invited to Ada's for noon meal and to Edna's to evening meal, but had to decline both.  Sorry.  Anna went with Louise at 11:00.  Win to dinner.  Dick brot her and waited while she ate.  Esther called to see about forks and napkins so I had to wash napkins.  Also, my hair.  Went to Jessie's after soft water to wash it.  I asked her about Lou's applying for divorce from Marchant.  I had heard it but she never had said a word, but told me today the particulars. I sat downstairs and waited for Ralph to bring Anna G.  She came before 10:00 and had had a nice day.  Grace, Artie, Aunt Lou, Mat W. & Anna there, at Ada's and Martha & Mary at Edna's, besides G.G. & Mrs. McCready, at whose home the dinner was served, in honor of Mary, Edna had entertained Martha at the Women's club in the afternoon.  Was sorry I had to miss it all.

Wednesday, August 31.  At home until nearly 3, then went uptown to show A. G.  Maxwells and Reed stores and found Maxwells closed for Wednesday afternoon but other stores open.  We dropped in at the "Park" theater and saw a show, then window shopped and stopped to see Linton.  Ed and Anna came to take us to Herman's at 8:00 – stayed till 9:30 – the girls played and Herman Sang.  Made arrangements with Jess to pay five cents per week for the news, after she gets it.  Read area.  She out at to Horn's all day – I sent quarterage to C. W.  Robinson.  Five dollars.  Marse here for a while.

Thurs. September 1 -- Did not sleep well until 4:00 this a.m. so was all in, and as I had made plans to have a dinner for Artie and Mat W. but had to call it off.  Etta, Ada and Aunt Lou were to be here also.   Artie went back home yesterday, so that spoiled it some – when we went downstairs A. A. was washing, so it would have been almost impossible to have tried to entertain, in the best of health and spirits.  Win to dinner.  We both slept a little, then Mary came for a while.  I to Jessies for a qt. of milk Edward brought her and she had a quart from Horns.  She gave me, also, some beats and some stewed elderberries.  We went up to Maxwell's and looked the store over, then to pay telephone rent and found the office closed.  To A&P for groceries – got supper over then came upstairs about 7:00 and soon went to sleep in my chair.  Slept till 9:30 then went to bed, but could not sleep, so got up and am sitting here writing at 11:10 and am not sleepy yet.  Anna is not aware that I am up, and the light is shining in her eyes.  Blessed sleep like that.  She has been snoring it off right along Will read till I get sleepy.

Friday, Sept. 2,  Ada called early to take us to Franklin cemetery.  Came about noon.  Also went to W. B.  Martin's cabin in the woods.  Home about 3.

Sat. 3 – Mary's wedding day.  A fine day until the ceremony was over, then rained a little, but turned out nice at last.  A. G. and I went about 2:00 to decorate the house.  Ceremony at 4:30.  They left at about 5:45.  All went to depot with them with rice and old shoes and placards.  Back to Esther's till about 9:00.  Ethel came as far as the PO with us to mail 125 announcements . Ralph and Edna bought the Marty Hogan drugstore and took possession after the wedding was all over.

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