Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sept. 4 - 10, 1927

Sunday 4,  AG and I to Congregational church in a.m.  Herman sang a solo.  Home past Jessie's to get the papers -- so visited there a while.  To depot at 2:00 to see Marse and boys off for Chicago.  Bennie looked so pale.  I pity him as all the fuss is made over Jim.  To Hadley's in evening.  Edy up and dressed for the first time for weeks and weeks.  Roe Oswalt and family there, also Iva and family came as we started away.  We went by Ralph's store – Edna's rather – and they were having a big trade for Sunday evening -- treated us to ice cream and we each bought a magazine I hope she does well.  Dick brot us home from the depot.

Monday 5 - Labor Day.  We sewed on a dress I gave Anna – one of Libbie's old ones.  Went to the Ritz in the p.m. to see "The Scarlet Letter" – Anna took me – Jess here to spend evening.  Eva Charles here all p.m.  A. A.  insulted Jess because she stayed here till 9:30.

 Tuesday, Sept. 6 -- Anna and I uptown from 9 to 10 -- went to depot at 10:30 and had to wait till 11:35 for Wooster bus to start.  Dorothy here when I came home - stayed for dinner.  Libbie Haverfield here a short time. Glad to see her.  Mrs. Edmonds, Mary – Mrs. Zimmerman and her Mary here to pay one half of Edmonds rent. Wrote to Ad.

Wed. 7.  Had pain at my heart in night and a little most of the day – cleaned my room – Win called to get me to go uptown, then home with her, but I simply was not able, so she and Lizzie came down, but would not stay to dinner.  Cleaned my room some – also dining room and kitchen and made potato salad out of scraps.  To Jesse's after dinner for papers.  Ova Hale there – Jess called in eve to see if I'd fix a dress or a Mrs. Robbins who lives in one of the Ward houses on Weldon, then I called Mrs. Burkholder to tell her to tell Mrs. R to come over in the morning.  Wrote to Freddie Burton Walls.  A card from Anna G wrote one in answer & took it up to the P.O. Fred out all day with Ed on his Worcester, Orrville, etc. trip.

Thursday, Sept. 8.  Good rain in the night.  Badly needed.  Mrs. Robbins came at 9:10 with the dress, and I had set word for her to come at 9:30 to 10, so I was eating breakfast.  Worked at the dress about three hours.  Talked to Esther – Grace called – also Jess –  A. A. & I to parade of big Shrinner's conclave at Central Park.  A package left at the door with an ensemble suit and georgette dress.  Mystery.

Friday 9.  Did not sleep much so was no good all day.  Jess called me out of bed at 8:00.  Grace called again about Victrola.  Esther called and came at 2:30.  Ruth Wadlington Harper also came at 2:00 and stayed a half hour.   I up to Art store opening with Esther.  Ray Bush entertained us.  I to Jess' in late afternoon for elderberries.  She went out to our old place with Leo and Mary Yeater and got a lot.  Win brot a new dark blue georgette to have fixed some also a slip for it.

 Sat. 10th - slept fine – canned 3 cans of elderberries and made applesauce.  Esther called to tell me that the package was left by Edna – some old dresses her sister-in-law sent her and she wants them made up.  She also wants me to bake pies for her store, but as much as I'd like to do it, I can't in this little place with the complications.  Also wants some Xmas fancy work.  I may try that.  Rainy all p.m.  Uptown at supper time.  Telephoned for News to deliver News for the week.  Talk to Jess about 30 min. late.  Wrote to Em Johnson.

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