Tuesday, March 8, 2011

June 12 to July 16, 1927

Sunday, June 12 quite cool went to Central ME to children's exercises.  Very good.  To Anna's for dinner.  Jr. talks everything.  Bob came in the P.M. and we went out to Al's about 4.  Got home at 8.  Cold.  Flo had all her stoves down.

Monday the 13th cool – rainy in early-morning and evening but nice day.  Did not too much in the morning.  Man came to paint kitchen.  Uptown to Ethel's office, to pay taxes, got garment bag and bagged my winter coat and went to Carlisle's auction – Jess and Luella, there – Lizzie called to tell me they were picking berries.  We'll try to go out Wednesday.

July 13 went Wednesday, but forgot to take this book.  Took a taxi to go to bus as I had my suitcase and a basket.  One day there was much like another.  Audrey there one week and she and I picked most of the berries.  I picked 11 bushels lacking two quarts, and we picked 26 bushels lacking to quarts and left a lot in the patch when we moved to 465 S. Main very hot all day Fred's move July 5 and I stayed till July 12 at 9 P.M.  Dick and Win brought me home, in the heat -- very hot until after midnight.  Did not sleep well, but guess no one did.  Up at 7.  To Jesse's at 8:15 to see what she wants me to do while she is at Lakeside.  Made potato salad for Wins dinner.  She came with bread, butter, and dills for dinner at 12:30.  Jesse tried to get me on phone, but someone cut us off every time before I got to the phone. Edy and I tested her out and she cut us off, so I got troubled for and he called me and she cut us off, by taking down the receiver after it had rung three or four times.  Edy and Hadley both sick with laryngitis.  Esther called to tell me to go Friday to quilt on Mary's quilt.  Wrote to Em Johnson.  Had a letter from her last December.  Wrote to Ad last Sunday, July 10.  Took a bath in the tub tonight.

Thurs. 14.  Cloudy - Win called to say she'd not be here for dinner, so I went to Esther's to quilt.  Jess to Lakeside with Emma and Miriam – Mary and Ethel to Mrs. Bronx at 6 for dinner and Esther invited to the GAR for supper.  Rained in the P.M.  Cooler this evening.  Wrote to Emily H.

Friday15 – Rainy.  Went again to Esther's to quilt.  Lizzie there also.  I stayed for dinner and supper.  Mary came down with me – going to a bridge party on E. 4th.  Did Jessie's chamber work and worked some in my garden.

Saturday the 16th wrote to Anna G and mailed it after dark and took a short walk, worked on Wins blue georgette.

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