Friday, April 22, 2011

Oct. 16-22, 1927

Sunday.  AA sick till 5 AM, then slept and I lay down and got a couple hours sleep.  Mabel came about 10:30 and stayed till 2, got Mrs. Reed, practical nurse from Grace's to, and bathe and change her.  A A good all day.  Did not try to get up.  I read "Tears for Rachel" by "onions" an English story.  The heroin waited 9 years, then married a kid.  Went to Christian church with Jess.  Dr. Trust preached a memorial for Mrs. Tisdall.  Hayes sang, a brother of the choir leader.

Monday, October 17 AA in bed all day.  Did not seem to want to get up.  Edna here looking after things, she one uptown and got a new washbasin and a slop bucket for AA.  Sada Dickson here in p.m.  I uptown for groceries for AA.  Saved $.40 on what she would have paid for things.

Tuesday AA up and dressed and over to sit in my room before I was dressed, about nine.  I was awake in the night, so slept late and then lay and planned Edna's coat dress.  Worked on it a while, then found that Mrs. read did not mean to do the little washing for AA and went to do it myself.  The girls can pay me if they like, three vests all smeared, bath towels same, and old ways to, night gown, the standard cover, her drawers and some rags, all in bad condition, then a towel and apron that were all rights.  That things were laying in the pantry or cool closet where I keep all my eats, so did not want them there.  Edy called to know if I'd go to central church to a new group concert.  Jess and Mabel W, also called I to mail some letters for Mrs. read, then to Jesse's for my story papers.  Mrs. Boles there with music for them to sing at Ohl's Golden wedding.  Florence is having it in her house in Ashland.  Google her came to tell me to go to loaners to apron meeting.  Dale, Sarah and girls here tonight.  Edna wants me to take care of AA.  Will try, I think.

Wednesday, October 19 cloudy, sprinkled some.  Esther went to Shelby with Rachel to see Dolly Morten.  Rae went yesterday.  Lou Marchant called to ask me to be leader of a group in the WHMS and I consented.  Just called to tell me she hadn't consented to be one.  Mabel called to know when I could make Dorothy's dress, and I do not know.  Anna called to tell me what she thought I ought to have to take care of a a for a while.  AA.  Got up before dinner and aided in this room.  Sat here until about four then went downstairs and stayed till eight o'clock and was pretty good all day.  Eva Charles here to see her.  Edna called to see if I had sent the nurse away.  I thought she'd better stayed till AA had been downstairs and back to see how she stood it.  Called Anna,  Edy, Ethel, and Jess.  Win here for dinner.  Strong 2 bead chokers, Pink and Pearl.  Edna came for polkadot dress $1.00.  Wish I felt strong.

Thursday 20th AA up and dressed and over to my room before I was awake then went downstairs for all day.  Think she'll be able to do her work tomorrow, so supposed I'll have a time with her.  Mrs. read left about 230 here four days.  Edy here in a.m.  I uptown twice in a.m. to bank to deposit my $25.  I got for PN oh, to library for books.  To Jesse's for papers.  Saw Tracy Ettinger and talk to him a while, have not seen him for years, it seems.  Mabel and Edna here in p.m. on way to church supper.  Eva Charles here on way from picture show.  Mrs. Gugler here to see AA.  Lou Marchant called to talk about group leading Mrs. Talbot called to see if I could go to see her at 200 PAW, I told her not to, so she will come here tomorrow.  Grace called also and Esther and Edy.  Edy and Hadley to Iva's as Hadley is out of work.

Friday, October 21 – beautiful day – Mrs. Dr. Talbot president WHMS [Women's Home Missionary Society] came with "autumn tea" teapots invitations to dues paying party with Mrs. Bowie on Park Ave., West next Friday.   I, as group leader, had to write the invitations and take them around.  I went at 3:30 to register for voting, but was half-hour too late.  Went to "Burkies," Lona's, who was not at home – Mrs. A. A. Boughton's who did not let me in if she was at home, Mrs. Wadsworth and Jessie's, so got six off my hands, with AAs, of the 12th – I puttered about the housework and did not have breakfast till 10 and dinner at 3.  AA dressed in my room as I got it warm and brought her clothes over, seems better today.  Wrote to Dreamer.

Sat. beautiful day – warm – want up and registered for voting, then to market in p.m. swept the house all over in a.m.  Mrs. Laird to see AA.  Brought her some chicken.  Eva here to spend evening – Mrs. Burkholder also here.  Myrtle came for her mother.  Wrote to Em Johnson as it is her birthday,  Anna and Jess called.  I called Grace – wrote to Anna Motter for A.A.

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