Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sept 11 - 17

Sunday 11 Sept.  Up at 8:00.  Bathed – A. A. and I to Congregational church at 1030.  Home until about 4:30 then Ed and Anna [Clingan] Fred and Lizzie [Daup Hughes] came to go to flying field.  They took Fred's home, then I went home with them to go to Christian church tonight.  Mabel and Edna and Esther came here to go with us.,  And Jess tried to get me over the 'phone to go with her.  It is either feast or famine.  Win fooled of going anywhere by Dick, who was mean.  I wish she'd get some good fellow who would use her white [sic]. Ed and Anna at Fred's for dinner.

Monday 12 Sent a letter to Em Johnson and a card to Maryjane Henry -- her birthday tomorrow.  Also Jesse's.  Worked at Mrs. Robbins' dress and she came to try it on at 7:00.  Also worked on voile Anna G gave me, black and white.  Poor Aunt Art getting so forgetful.  Fine day – bed at 11:00 – late.

Tues. 13.  Rained very hard in night and again at 5 PM.  A. A. and I to WCTU meeting at church.  Only a few there.  Made pies and took one to Jess for her birthday.  1st dance seems to be being held at Moose Hall.  A. A.  To bed before 8.  I'm ready for bed at 9:25.  Talked to Jess – Ede – Lizzie and Esther.  Paid telephone rent.  Very warm day.  Are having our summer time now.

Wed. Sept 14.  Washed a  3 weeks wash – very warm day – letter from Ad – Jo coming to Ohio State today to work for her Masters degree – Got out some summer dresses that I thought I'd need this year, as we are having our summer.  To Jesse's in evening a while.  When I came home Ethel was here.  She was mad at her mother for renting her bedroom, so the girl will have to come through their room to get to the bath.  She had a notion of staying all night and not let her mother know where she was.  It is too bad that Esther is so inconsiderate of Ethel's feelings, but she always was.  Wrote to aunt Ada Bachtel – called Pavonia Parsonage and found that Middleton's go to Fredericktown circuit with for places to preach, but only two sermons each Sunday – easier than Pavonia – live at Waterford – sorry they leave Pavonia – Marian Ward here to say goodbye to A. A.

Thursday – worked on Mrs. Robbins' dress and she came for it at 8 PM ironed in the afternoon & evening so could go to Mabel's tomorrow to do her patching.  Called Lula Kyle.  Very hot all day – Edna W.  Here while I was eating breakfast.  Dale here a little while in the P.M.

Friday 16  Went to Mabel's at 9:30.  Patched till 7:30 PM.  She to get her hair marcelled – gave two lessons and went to church to play to night at missionary convention.  Mrs. Webb applied for her position at the Christian church – very important.  Mrs. Norris canning all day for Mabel – Mr. Norris there to all P.M.  Ed and Anna  [Clingan] came and brought me home – very hot all day.

Saturday, September 17 hot all day.  Finished Mabel's mending and took it to her at the church at 7:15 went to Jesse's after the "Love's Embers" story and a loaf of bread.  She to Lois' to play cards all evening.  Meant to go after groceries, but decided I did not need any.  Jess gave me an ear of corn and some tomatoes wind called to ask me to go to dinner tomorrow.

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