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Oct. 9 - 15, 1927

Sunday to SS late to Esther's for dinner with Mary Golladay.  She left at three or little after to go to the infirmary with Clark's.  I stayed for supper.  Then Ethel walked with me to PW and Mulberry.  Got home at 7:20 but AA had gone, so I went to the Christian church and found her there with Eva.  Jess also there and I sat with her.  I did not feel good all day.  Wish I could stand something without getting sick.  Am discouraged.  EC Terman talked this a.m. in 1st ME.

Monday, October 10.  24 years this morning Pa [Robert Hughes] died and 25 years ago Will [Wilbert Goodsel Hughes] was buried.  I took this stitch in my back early in the day, and as was not feeling well anyway, I was laid up all day.  Was not out of the house.  Read most of the day, got my three meals, Edna W. called to have AA and me go up for dinner tomorrow.  Ethel called.  Edy called.  I talked to Lizzie, Linton's [Mattox and Anna Elizabeth Hughes] license in paper, married yesterday.  Jess here in evening to tell me that she is going to Akron tomorrow and wants me to go and see about the fire while she is gone.

Tuesday to Jess's at nine, she gave me celery, tomatoes and spinach, also her valuable documents to keep.  Mabel and Edna sent a taxi for us at 11:30 and we went to dinner.  The loveliest home I've been in for a long time.  Sarah, Rachel and Minnie McNaul there also.  Had fine dinner.  Sent us home in taxi, with bag of carrots and tomatoes.  Lulu, Fred and her mother here in evening with a basket of provisions.  "It never rains but it pours".  Mrs. Myers stayed as Fred and Lulu are going to big Conclave in Akron tomorrow.  My back very ouchy all day and worse tonight.  AA.  Fixed me a "rub" of vinegar and cayenne pepper.  Hope it helps.  Frank
Pittinger died last night.  Wrote more to Ad.

Wednesday, October 12 rained all day by spells then the sun would shine.  The Templars marched to depot at 8:30 in a pouring rain to take the train to Akron to the Conclave and it rained hard here at the hour of the big parade, 2:30.  Mrs. Myers at AA's all day and I 'spose will stay all night.  I ate dinner with them.  Win was to come, but didn't, on account of the rain.  I finished Ad's [Adaline Palmer Hagerman] letter and mailed it did. Did up Tresses apron to send by PP, [parcel post] but Laura told me to take it up to her and she'd take it out.  Finished an aid apron & took it to Lona's on way to Laura's.  They had their meeting last night.  Instead of tonight, but only a few there.  Tried to get me over the phone, but could not for some reason.  I brought home the goods for two like Tresse's and cut them out.  Also went to Jess's to see that everything was okay.  Grace called, also Anna called and talked for a long time.  Thinks I'd better not go to Graces, as she may sell in the spring.  Letter from Adah Bachtell.  Edy called and told me Helen Graff Gribbling was expecting a baby.  Have not seen them at church for some time.  My back some better.  Wrote to Jean, Dave, and Martha.

Thursday the 13th.  Mrs.Tisdall died last night.  Win quite sick last night and today.  Esther's birthday.  Rainy by spells all day.  Mrs. Myers went to Lulu's at 9:30.  AA quite sick with bowels running.  Would take salts, so I had to get some, also toilet paper.  Eva Charles to AA's in p.m.  Mrs. Burkholder called on me on her way to the church to a Fellowship supper, or roll call and reception for pastor and new members.  I'd like to have felt well enough to go, but didn't.  Verna invited me to go to supper with Rachel and Lizzie, but was not feeling well enough.  Edy wanted me to go to 10 cent show at Majestic.  Jess home at noon.  Went to library with her at 7:00  Fred has his teeth out.

Friday Oct.14.  A A bad with bowels all night used the old kettle and had it half full, with out a cover when I went over to her room and such an odor!  I emptied it and cleaned the kettle and disinfected the bath, etc.  She did no objecting, as I expected her to do.  Found some hamburg that she got Tuesday  never used.  It was spoiling, so I took it and made a meatloaf, but it was not very good.  She ate nothing yesterday nor today, but toast and coffee.  Edna down this p.m. with some medicine from the Doctor, but she was much better this p.m. without it, but she'll have it if she needs it again.  Minnie McNaul came to say goodbye as she is going home tomorrow.  Eva over a while.  Dr. Tisdall's wife's funeral service at 7:30 this evening at their church.  Had a notion to go, but didn't.  Ede here an hour or so, first she had been shopping since she was sick.  Esther called.  Rachel and Rosa there for supper, at Emma's for dinner.  Talked to Lizzie, [Elizabeth Daup Hughes] Win still sick at home, but better than she was yesterday.  I worked at and finished Edna's polka-dot dress ready to wash in the morning.

Saturday the 15th washed and ironed Edna's dress.  Made applesauce.  Esther called to say she was coming to go uptown with me.  Came at 10:10.  I got her a little percolator for her birthday present, and got myself some under hose, wool, at $.29 each.  Got groceries at Kroger's.  Edy called twice before noon, before she went downtown and after. Dorothy also called before noon to see about getting haircut, came about 1:30.  Tressa's girls here to call and give me check for piano.  Jess here in evening, till 8.  She and Win both called on phone.  AA called me about 9:30 to come down as she was very sick at her stomach and almost fainted, was blind and her bowels were running worse than never.  Used the wash basin and sink, I got her up to go to bed, but it took her a half-hour to get ready, she was so sick.  She has quieted down now at midnight, but has been running to the bath while I've been trying to get her to use the chamber by her bed.  She vomited almost continuously and such black stuff run from her I think she is very sick.  Called the girls at 11 and they had just gone to bed, but Mabel came down after the phone rang 14 times and I was about to hang up.  She said I should call the doctor and I thought it best and I will early in the morning if she's not a lot better.  I just now heard her moving and then a thump and she had fallen against the bed.  I've told her several times to call me if she wants to get up but she will not do it.

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