Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sept 18 - 24, 1927

Sunday to 1st ME at 10:30 with A.A.  Sat with Jess.  AA and I to Fred's [Charles Frederick Hughes] to dinner and supper.  Stopped at Christian Church for services 7:30.  I got bladder trouble and had to come home before sermon suffered something awful.  Went to Rosa's a while.  Dick there in afternoon.  Some cooler this evening.  Wrote to Ad. [Adeline Palmer Hughes Hagerman]

Monday – cooler – worked at Wins fur (Sib's old one).  Mended stockings – Mabel and Edna here in p.m. had been to "The Big Parade" at Madison theater – Mabel told me of Steve's salary and high living in New York City – Raised chill. Rosa here to spend evening, Esther going to Philadelphia with Ed and Anna [Clingan] who go to New Jersey.  Wednesday to Jessie's for some corn and tomatoes she brought from Horn's for me.  John Paul buried at Ashland.

Tuesday finished Ads letter and mailed it at Pavonia where I went with Laura Ferree in the afternoon.  To Esther's [Boals Hughes]in evening after wallpaper books.  She going at six tomorrow morning, Ethel going to stay alone with a couple in apartment upstairs Edna W. called in evening.

Wednesday, September 21 quite cold, frost in places.  Ed, Anna and Esther started at 6:00 on their big trip.  I worked on Win's fir [sic] piece and looked up paper for Pavonia kitchen and sent for it $.86 wrote to Mrs. DeRemer.  Canned one quart of apples.

Thursday the 22nd, Artie Carr's birthday - 63.  Still quite cool.  Fixed my blue cloth dress for Win to press.  Went to Jessie's at 11:00 for corn Horn's sent,  4 ears - She gave me enough cooked tomatoes she had left from canning for dinner.  Win does not care for corn.  Slept about 1/2 hr. and was miserable for it.  Worked on my black and white voile dress Anna G. [Golladay] gave me.  Went up to Ethel's office at 5.  Got so nervous that everything worried me.  Aunt Art's everlasting whistling and a fellow who works in the plumbing shop whistles nearly all the time.  It got on my nerves so I thought I'd get out a while.  Went to library and got two books.  "The Cathedral" and "American Pictures and Their Painters."   Warmer this evening, good long letter from Anna G. at last.  Such a sharp neuralgic pain in the left back of my head.  Big Tunney – Dempsey fight.  Tunney best.

Friday worked on voile dress – Win brought my blue cloth  - pressed.  To Ede's at to to fix her hat.  $.50.  Cut out Wins rose slip.  Ethel took me to see "The Big Parade" a fine picture – at new Madison.  To Jessie's a while at supper time.  She doctoring with Dr. Ada Ford.  Warmer.

Saturday the 24th a year ago today  I went to Lisbon, where I stayed until February 22.  This was a fine day.  I worked on the lack and white voile and almost finished it.  Em Johnson came to see me, but A. A. was at Adams and Em left her bag of grapes and pears with a card.  Was very sorry it happened.  Must write to her.  To Jessie's after supper.  We went window shopping for an hour.  Ross Glessner brought me home because A. A. did not expect me to stay out.  Then he took Jess out to Mame's.  Wish I did not have to come in so early.  Jess gave me some boiled beef because she is not allowed to eat it.

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